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STI & Machine is based in Jensen Utah. Since  2002, STi has been serving the oil & gas industry in many locations around the United States. Here at STI & Machine we have the benefit of a full service machine shop to help meet the needs of our customers. We can build most oilfield tools and have milling, grinding, & welding as well. 

Specialty Tools, Inc & Machine (STI) was formed out of modest beginnings out of necessity to better serve customers.
STi is a little company with little overhead and big ideas and better tools that can help save you money! 

At Specialty Tools, Inc. & Machine, our experienced staff is available to answer all of your questions and to ensure you are 100% satisfied with all of our downhole tools and other products. Whether you need a Rental Motor,  Motorhead Assembly or the complete bottom hole assembly ,with a Tool Specialist, we have the expertise and experience you can trust.  At STI & Machine, we offer only the best products to ensure that you get the products you want and deserve.